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About Us

     Equine Partnership Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Parker, CO. We provide mental health services incorporating horses to individuals of all ages. At the Equine Partnership Program, our mission is to assist clients on their personal journey toward healing through Equine Assisted Therapy. We take traditional therapy sessions out of the office in a unique approach that utilizes horses to achieve incredible results. Our equine partners work alongside therapists and clients in a bonded therapy team; in working together, our clients more effectively engage in the therapeutic process. This crucial partnership provides the tools that allow our clients to begin healing traumatic emotional wounds and meet their goals of personal growth. For other clients, healing may not mean recovery from their illness or disability because there is no “cure”. Instead the same irreplaceable partnership provides hands-on experiences and activities that help maintain and improve their quality of life.

     The Equine Partnership Program is proudly offering life changing therapies to many diverse populations in need. Adolescents living with Autism Spectrum Disorders attend our School-Based Life Skills program. Aging adults experiencing cognitive decline, and their caregivers, participate in hands-on equine assisted activities in our Equine Elders program. Young adults with developmental disabilities benefit from our Equine Assisted Learning program. And individuals and families in our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program receive mental health therapies. We also give horses no longer suitable for their original purpose a new “career” by training them to be therapy horses. As such, EPP has embraced an intergenerational model bringing together members of our community young and old, two and four legged, and adopting innovative ways to improve services for all.

Our Story

Equine Partnership Program (EPP) was founded on September 26, 2006 by Lee Dudley. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Lee saw that therapy provided solely in an office setting wasn’t yielding positive results or emotionally corrective experiences for the clients she saw - specifically those who have a history of trauma. Lee created EPP to serve clients who were looking for an effective, experiential, creative form of therapy.

Interested in joining EPP at Takoda Tavern in September 2023? 

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