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Sid's Story

The horse show world has often been compared to beauty pageants. The amount of effort required to keep a horse groomed to perfection– clipped, clean, shiny, and sound– is immense. That’s why meeting a top show horse can often feel like meeting a famous athlete or super model. Just being in their presence feels special […]

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One of the most impactful stories of how horses can reach through to children in times of severe depression is the story of Matt and Jubee. Matt had just turned 16. Tall and lanky with dirty blonde hair (and the hint of facial hair that he was exceedingly proud of), Matt was your average teenage […] 

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Jack's Story

Jack was only six when his parents died in a tragic accident, leaving him in the care of the grandparents he had never met. Children react to trauma in a variety of ways […]


Black And Decker's Story

In 1990, I went to the Fort Collins livestock auction with the intention of buying a goat. As I sat in the audience watching the sale of cattle and other livestock, an emaciated, tall, black thoroughbred horse was led into the ring. My heart went out to him as he was weighed and bid on […]

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Emily's Story

Emily has been riding horses off and on since she was five years old. Now 25, Emily joins her favorite horse, Sparky for […]

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Jamie was a ten-year-old boy when he first came to the Equine Partnership Program (“Partners”) […]

Jamie's Story

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