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Meet Our Therapy Horses

Horse Repurposing Program 

Equine Partnership Program is dedicated to giving misfit horses the opportunity to find a new purpose. Different than traditional rescue situations, these horses come to EPP no longer suitable in their careers for a variety of reasons. 


Consider the show jumper who does not have the athletic ability to complete at a high level. Or who finds the show ring terrifying. And consider the family horse who the children outgrow. Or who is not pretty enough. Rarely do people wonder, what happens to these horses? Were they given a choice in their career in the first place? Can they be redeveloped to have a new meaningful job? 


EPP has taken the time to address these hard questions and does the work necessary to rehabilitate these horses. As experienced horsemen, EPP professionals are lucky to take in these misfit horses, discover their individual strengths, and recognize their potential to excel in caring for others. The horses, coming from all different walks of life, are given an otherwise silenced voice and the opportunity to find a job that they love as a therapy partner.

Horse Spotlights: The Ones Who Give Their All



Vinny, a dark bay Trakehner / Friesian gelding born in 2008 joined the EPP herd as part of the repurposing program. He has had experience in many different areas of the competitive horse world, mostly in Dressage. Vinny was unable to fit in because he much prefers a slow, relaxing lifestyle. He simply does not have the motivation or athletic ability for a grueling schedule and found the work exhausting. After standing for a number of years, Vinny happily has found his niche as a therapy horse and enjoys giving back to his community. He excels in groundwork sessions and is rapidly becoming a barn favorite.



West is a young, beautiful Paint Horse gelding, born in 2011. At only 7 years old, very early in his successful jumping career, he was diagnosed with kissing spine. Although a manageable condition for moderate riding, his kind owner knew that his life expectancy would be much diminished if he continued his career as a Jumper. In his best interest, he was retired and now enjoys a healthy life carrying clients at EPP. He is a patient teacher for many therapeutic clients.

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Briar Rose

Briar Rose is a beautiful Clydesdale mare. Lovingly named after the stunning Princess Aurora, Briar's massive size and sweet personality is winning the hearts of many clients at EPP. Her active gate, patient demeanor and stunning silky feathers make her an ideal therapy partner. 

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Welcome to the EPP Herd, Chachi!

Description coming soon.



Welcome to the EPP Herd, Milly!

Description coming soon.

Horse Spotlight: The One We Will Never Forget


October 06, 2019_RMM_3.jpg

Sid, a giant, gray Quarter Horse gelding born in 1998, was a longtime and extremely influential member of the EPP herd. He crossed the rainbow bridge in 2020 yet in therapy his story still greatly impacts the lives of many EPP clients. This stunning show horse boasted an impressive amount of wins and was every rider’s dream. Moreover, in his years of retirement from showing, he was a trusted therapy partner for so many who remember him today.


Years ago, Sid was taken in as a sales prospect. At only seven years old and in top physical condition with an outstanding show record, meeting Sid was like meeting an immensely popular supermodel. It was clear that he was a very special, well trained horse who genuinely wanted to make his person happy. After his very first uncomplicated ride, to merely stretch his legs, unfathomably Sid collapsed. And in the short time following, it became rapidly apparent that something was gravely wrong that could not be seen from the outside. 


Sid's story continues to be instrumental in helping clients with severe depression and suicidal tendencies feel comfortable enough to tell their stories. He showed us that just because you are beautiful on the outside, or winning ribbons, doesn’t mean you aren’t literally killing yourself on the inside with worry and fear.


Sid overcame the odds and inspired dozens of others to do the same.

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