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Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) Services at EPP

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is a form of experiential therapy which utilizes horses. We take traditional psychotherapy out of the office and, instead, conduct it in a barn with an arena and specially-trained therapy horses. The setting itself is part of the appeal. It allows us to reach people who might be resistant to talk through therapy alone. Many clients would rather interact with horses than discuss their feelings in an office setting. Even more important than the appeal, however, are the results. Working with horses helps our clients reach their therapeutic goals more quickly and effectively. Results are what our practice is really about. We constantly apply the lessons that are learned in working with our animals to the changes our clients need to make in their lives. Our work with horses provides the tools that allow our clients to gain the self-understanding, healing and emotional growth that are the goals of all forms of therapy. The need is great, and we are extremely proud of the life-changes we have helped our clients achieve over the years.

Equine Elders 

Seniors living in independent or assisted living facilities join us at our barn for hands-on activities with our horses and ponies. These interactions stimulate memory and provide a sense of calm and well-being both for participants familiar with horses and for those who are new to them.

Our program sessions combine a number of unmounted activities based on the Equine Assisted Learning model. Each session is carefully crafted to provide our clients with physical activity, memory and speech stimulation, access to a safe outdoor environment and an emotional connection with the horse.


Engage ~ Enable ~ Empower


Individuals and groups are welcome!

Sessions are held in Parker, Colorado

Veteran's Services

EPP is now offering services specifically designed for veteran women. Lee Dudley is a clinically trained trauma specialist and EMDR provider. She offers equine assisted psychotherapy to women veterans in both an individual and group format. She has undergone specific cultural competency training to understand the complex challenges that military servicewomen face.

School-Based Life Skills Training 

One of EPP’s most successful programs is our school-based life skills training programs. We customize a six to nine-week training program for groups of students through their school. Each week, the group joins us at a barn to work with and learn to ride our horses. Among other things, we integrate the themes of respect, teamwork, problem solving, decision-making, communication, focus, trust, and accountability into the curriculum. The teachers whose students have attended one of our life skills training programs have become our greatest advocates.

Rescue Horses

In conjunction with EPP's horse re-purposing program, we also provide a safe landing and rehabilitation to horses rescued from terrible abuse, abandonment and neglected situations. These horses desperately need access to food, water, shelter and all of the basic essentials for their survival, to be thoroughly evaluated by a veterinarian, and given the opportunity to learn to trust humans again. 

Grief Support

Dealing with the loss of one or more family members can be life-shattering. EPP conducts grief programs for children who have experienced the trauma of losing a sibling, a parent, or multiple family members.


Equine Partnership’s Corporate Program combines current leadership research with Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). Equine Assisted Learning is a professional field in which horses are used to facilitate the learning and growth experiences of participants. The uniqueness of this type of learning is that it opens channels for improved performance in unexpected ways. EAL had been used nationally for a number of years in corporate and organizational development settings. EAL is a catalyst for powerful change to occur and builds on identified characteristics of adult learners. Activities are designed to facilitate problem solving that encourages individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results. Proceeds from this program enable us to provide scholarships to kids who cannot afford equine-assisted psychotherapy or therapeutic riding.

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