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Our Mission


We assist our clients on their personal journey toward healing with hands-on equine assisted therapy.


We are committed to providing the tools to awaken and sustain people’s values, voices, and hopes through healing experiences with horses, for the betterment of our communities.

Help Humans

Through the many programs offered at Equine Partnership Program, our therapists are committed to helping clients achieve their therapeutic goals. We take traditional therapies out of the office and constantly apply the lessons learned in working with our horses to ensure carry over into our client’s lives. We have seen again and again Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies enable our clients to achieve their objectives more quickly and effectively.

Help Horses

Equine Partnership Program works with horses who have struggled to find a good fit in conventional roles. Through rehabilitation, the horses have the opportunity to find new purpose in becoming our therapy partners. The horses play a primary role in teaching our clients new ways of approaching issues, that will positively impact every aspect of their lives, while recognizing their potential to excel in caring for others.

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