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At Equine Partnership Program (EPP) we believe horses tell us a lot about ourselves, we also believe they can tell us about how we interact with others, both of which are important to the dynamics and culture of a company. Equine Partnership Program Corporate can provide quality learning experiences for both professional and personal growth. 


EPP’s horses can help show you how to reach your company’s goals whether it be leadership, productivity, problem solving, teambuilding, creative thinking etc.  Our horses represent co-workers, jobs, strategies or any problem that may arise at work. Horses give immediate feedback so we can see the many ways we respond, listen, and communicate.


Our program will be designed to your company’s specific needs. Be aware the horse may take you in a different direction you did not know you needed to go!


Come spend half a day or full day with us.



Mary Slouka, CTRI
Director, Program Development 

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