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Therapeutic riding

Equine Partnership Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Parker, Colorado. We provide mental health therapy services incorporating horses to individuals and groups. We also give horses no longer suitable for their original purpose a new “career” by training them to be therapy horses.

Equine Therapy

We have seen again and again the impact horses have on people who have a hard time placing trust in others or engaging in traditional therapies. That’s why we are committed to incorporating horses into therapy as the method to help our clients on their personal journey toward healing. 

Donate for children who have been the victims of abuse & neglect

Many of our clients experience severe economic challenges making it essential that we keep our prices accessible for those who need it most. Your donation makes a huge impact in the lives of people facing tremendous adversity. We are dedicated to making a difference for as many individuals as we can reach, but we cannot do it alone.

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